The New Face of Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) plan to expand by developing integrated resorts. The Straits Times, Thursday (4/4/2019), reported that the development consisted of the expansion of Universal Studios Singapore and the construction of one tower on SBM with an investment worth 9 billion US dollars or around Rp 127.74 trillion. Some developments are planned like a new attraction in the form of an amusement park at Resorts World Sentosa. “Since the expiration of two casino licenses in 2017, we have had intense negotiations with the two resorts to keep the contribution of the non-game sector fresh while limiting the potential losses from this sector,” said Singapore Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing. Quoted from the New Asia Channel.

The amusement park that takes the theme of Super Nintendo and Minion Park will be the expansion of Universal Studio Singapore since its opening in 2010. While the Minion Park is planned to replace the Madagascar area. Furthermore, S.E.A Aquarium will be developed into the Singapore Oceanarium with an area three times that of the current akurium. Later two hotels will also be operated in the area with a capacity of 1,100 rooms. RWS will also develop a new 164,000 square meter attraction that will officially start construction in 2020 and is projected to be completed by 2025.

Not only amusement parks, this integrated resort development project also targets Marina Bay Sands. The development of the SBM area is projected to spend US $ 3.3 billion equivalent to Rp. 46.8 trillion. Development targets the arena with 15,000 seats, a luxury hotel, and an additional performance room. This additional hotel will add to the supply of space for 1,000 rooms equipped with swimming pools and restaurants on the roof. Architect Moshe Safdie who is also involved in SBM planning is also expected to be involved in planning this development. Development of SBM and RWS is expected to increase foreign tourist visits by 500,000 people each year.

When the opening of the first MBS in 2010, tourist arrivals to Singapore increased to almost 2 million people. This is estimated to increase gross domestic income by 500 million Singapore dollars or around Rp 7 trillion per year. In addition, this integrated resort development project also contributes to adding 5,000 new jobs. Of that amount, as many as two-thirds of these jobs will be filled by local residents. Furthermore this project will add more employment opportunities, especially in the construction and service sectors which will indirectly be created.

NASA Will Land Humans on the Moon in 2024

NASA official Jim Bridenstine announced astronauts will return to the moon in 2024. NASA’s announcement is four years faster than originally planned. In an interview on April 1 at an astrophysics program, Bridenstine said the plan being developed would accelerate the human landing schedule from the previous plan in 2028, as quoted from Sputnik, April 4, 2019. “What we are doing now is trying to assess very quickly what is needed to achieve the final condition of the boots in the month of 2024,” he said.

“The plan is there. Many architectural pieces are already there.” The announcement came shortly after Deputy President Mike Pence announced the new goal of human landing at the south pole in 2024 in his speech March 26 in Huntsville. Pence said that NASA already had such a plan. Bridenstine said that the plan mentioned by Pence refers to the initial human goals in the month of 2028, but now they are working faster on new plans for landing 2024.

According to Bridenstine, NASA will work with the White House, especially with the Office of Management and Budget, to develop a consolidated position from the administration on the approach to plans and costs before sending them to Congress. Bridenstine also noted that they are open to almost all means to achieve the landing objectives of 2024.

“I don’t take anything, and we don’t sacrifice safety. Whatever we don’t need to do we can delay. There are future launches, there are future things we can test, but now, how can we set foot in the month of 2024 ?, “he said. “There is a solution here that has the potential for success in the future. It will take time, it will cost money, and there are possible risks, but guess what? If we will land on the moon in 2024, we have the time and ability to accept some risks and make some modifications, “he said.

Biggest Youtubers Income (Part 3)

Income as a Yotubers cannot be underestimated now. Thanks to one of these social media platforms, one can get tens of millions of US dollars in each year. Today many famous YouTubers are able to make their personal image a multimillion-dollar business. Now the Youtuber have found a new source of income outside of advertising revenue in their videos. Forbes recently released the highest paid list of YouTubers, based on their earnings from June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018. Here are 10 Forbes’s richest Yotuber in the world:

  1. Jacksepticeye (16 million US dollars)

Streamer Irish video game, Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin is one of the first YouTubers to be part of the Disney-sponsored Revelmode network of PewDiePie. This made him get many followers. While Disney finally discarded Revelmode, McLoughlin finally entered to create an original program for Disney XD, a TV channel marketed for children and adolescents. McLoughlin also acts as a host and for a number of live broadcasts and tours to Europe and North America.

  1. PewDiePie (15.5 million US dollars)

In recent years, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, is the most successful YouTuber in the world. But the recent scandal accusing video-game commentators about racism and anti-Semitism has caused a slight decline in its sponsorship. However, like Logan Paul, PewDiePie managed to increase its overall income by around 3.5 million US dollars between June 2017 and June 2018. PewDiePie still has the most customers from every single account on YouTube with more than 92 million, but the YouTube channel that focuses on Bollywood, the T-Series, briefly took it off at the end of March.

  1. Logan Paul (US $ 14.5 million)

Vlogger Logan Paul is the fourth highest earning YouTuber last year. But his image fell after uploading a video of a corpse he had found in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, a location known for suicide. As a result, YouTube removed Paul from the Google Preferred program, which affected its advertising revenue. However, the channel continues to gather followers, and he continues to earn income from his personal merchandise and celebrity appearance. Despite scandals in Japan, Paul was able to increase his income by 2 million dollars a year. One of Paul’s most watched actions this year is a boxing match against the British KSI YouTuber held in London. The fight ended in a draw, and the internet stars are planning a rematch for next year.

Biggest Youtubers Income (Part 2)

Income as a Yotubers cannot be underestimated now. Thanks to one of these social media platforms, one can get tens of millions of US dollars in each year. Today many famous YouTubers are able to make their personal image a multimillion-dollar business. Now the Youtuber have found a new source of income outside of advertising revenue in their videos. Forbes recently released the highest paid list of YouTubers, based on their earnings from June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018. Here are 10 Forbes’s richest Yotuber in the world:

  1. DanTDM (18.5 million US dollars)

Video-game streamer from Australia, Daniel “DanTDM” Middleton is the highest paid YouTuber last year earning 16.5 million US dollars. Middleton’s earnings skyrocketed thanks to his world tour and the sale of personal clothing brands that are growing rapidly. Middleton is famous after streaming it in the game “Minecraft” and recently played a role in Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet” as eBoy.

  1. Jeffree Star (US $ 18 million)

Before being famous on YouTube, Jefree Star was once known as the most followed person on MySpace, Jeffree Star had made a very successful transition to YouTube since 2014. Star launched its channel along with its make up brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He uploaded beauty tips, tutorials, and personal vlogs. Star has gotten more than 13 million customers with around 300 videos.

  1. Markiplier (17.5 million US dollars)

Markiplier or Mark Edward Fischbach is one of the most popular video-game YouTubers for more than five years. He also often collaborates with other influential YouTuber content creators. Before wrestling with the YouTuber world, he had studied to become a biomedical engineer, but he experienced a series of events which led him to pursue a career on YouTube. Fischbach told Forbes that there was a tumor removed from his adrenal gland, he had also broken up with his girlfriend, and was dismissed from his job before deciding to start the YouTubeny channel. At present, he has more than 23 million followers on YouTube.

  1. VanossGaming (17 million US dollars)

VanossGaming is a channel run by Canadian gamers named Evan Fong. In the video, Fong rarely appears on the camera. The channel stands out because of its unique editing techniques, original art work, and comedy. Fong also expanded its business from private clothing brand video content and self-produced music with the name Rynx.

Biggest Youtubers Income (Part 1)

Income as a Yotubers cannot be underestimated now. Thanks to one of these social media platforms, one can get tens of millions of US dollars in each year. Today many famous YouTubers are able to make their personal image a multimillion-dollar business. Now the Youtuber have found a new source of income outside of advertising revenue in their videos. Forbes recently released the highest paid list of YouTubers, based on their earnings from June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018. Here are 10 Forbes’s richest Yotuber in the world:

  1. Ryan ToysReview (US $ 22 million)

Ryan ToysReview is the highest earning YouTube channel. The host on the channel was named Ryan, who was only 7 years old. The boy’s parents began documenting his toy reviews in March 2015 and now have gathered more than 18 million customers. While Ryan’s follower base is not as big as some of the other YouTube stars, the growing influence on the toy industry has helped to multiply family income since 2017. Ryan ToysReview is one of several YouTube brands that partnered with and Bonkers Toys to create a new line of toys and licensed books featuring YouTube stars. Ryan has secured an exclusive partnership with Walmart earlier this year.

  1. Jake Paul (21.5 million US dollars)

This Logan Paul sister continues to grow in the YouTube world. He often releases his daily vlogs and rap videos to more than 18 million followers each week. Like Logan, Jake Paul’s fame began with Vine’s non-existent social media, where he has more than 5 million followers and 2 billion views on his content.

  1. Dude Perfect (20 million US dollars)

Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel that focuses on the world of sports, featuring hundreds of shot tricks and extraordinary action. This channel is run by five people, namely the Cory twins and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney, who all study at Texas A & M University. The tricks made by this group often go viral, and they have also appeared on “Good Morning America” ​​and some ESPN shows. As their popularity grew, the Dude Perfect has also produced videos with a number of well-known professional athletes, including Odell Beckham Jr., Drew Brees, Chris Paul, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Seeing Kim Jong Un Luxury Resort

Who doesn’t know North Korea? One country that is quite closed is indeed always attracting attention. Especially if you can visit the country led by Kim Jong Un, it is certainly a unique and challenging experience. Even though it is known as a fairly closed country, North Korea has a ski resort spread throughout the country. Reported by Insider, one of the resorts that is quite popular in North Korea is Masikryong Ski Resort. The Masikryong Ski Resort built by Kim Jong Un is said to require funding of around 300 million US Dollars, equivalent to Rp. 4 Trillion. So what is a luxury resort in North Korea like?

Opened on December 31, 2013, this resort not only became one of the tourist destinations in North Korea, but became a training ground for North Korean athletes during the 2018 Winter Olympics. The resort has sled slopes, skiing courses and health facilities to support teenage sports. In addition, there are around 120 hotel rooms. Facilities include a swimming pool, pool table, karaoke room and sauna. Masikryong Ski Resort is on the Top of Taehwa Mountain exactly about 20 kilometers outside of Wonsan City in Kangwon Province, North Korea. Interestingly, this resort accepts all payments for different currencies, including US Dollars, Yuan, Yen and Euros. For tourists who want to enter this resort, they must pay an entrance ticket of 40 US Dollars or Rp. 570 thousand.

Whereas if tourists want to ski there at least, they are charged an additional fee of around 100 US Dollars or equivalent to Rp. 1.5 million. In addition, Masikryong Ski Resort also limits the number of visitors, namely only 2,000 people per day. There are several opinions regarding the construction of Masikryong Ski Resort. It is said that the construction of this resort is a manifestation of Kim’s love of skiing. Because in his youth, he had studied skiing in Switzerland. Besides Masikryong Ski Resort, North Korea also has another ski resort called Kanggye Ski Resort. The area of ​​around 50,000 square meters. The size is indeed much smaller than Masikryong Sky Resort. Reportedly, the construction of the resort was built in just 10 months and involved North Korean soldiers. Even so, this resort also has facilities that are not less interesting for tourists.

Imprisoned Pope

A total of 100 marine mammals were captured in the waters of the Sea area of ​​Okhotsk, Russia around September 2018 ago. Activists suspect that there have been buying and selling for aquariums in China, but there is no export permit, so the marine mammals must be placed in special captivity.

  • Minimum sale of 1 million US dollars

In March 2019, there are 11 orca whales, 87 beluga and 5 sea lions that sell for around one to seven million US dollars per tail. Russian Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev promised to free the marine mammals into their natural habitat after receiving accusations of violations of fishing law from the Russian Federal Security (FSB).

  • Lack of breast milk

Dmitry Lisitysn, Chair of Sakhalin Environment Watch, a non-profit organization, came on the orders of the authorities on January 18-19 2019 to examine the condition of the marine mammals. Reportedly 15 beluga babies lack breast milk from their mothers who have been separated from the start of the arrest.

  • Unworthy cages

They also found wounds on the dorsal fin in several orca whales. Most likely due to frostbite, fungus, or bacterial infection during their stay in a flooded area of ​​captivity in the Srednyaya Coast near the Nachkodka area, Russia. The cage, which is relatively narrow and not feasible, causes the whales to be stressed and saturated.

  • Adaptation difficulties

In captivity, food is always provided and whales are also given additional drugs to increase their body’s immunity, which is very unnatural for wild animals. According to experts, they will have difficulty adapting when returning to free sea waters. Only the strong ones will be released, and it is even possible for some weak mammals to be moved to the aquarium.

  • Celebrity protest

Protests circulated rapidly on social media. Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson appealed via Twitter to get people to sign a petition at for the release of the popes because they were considered inhumane. The petition received around 900 thousand support.

  • The government is silent

The latest news says three beluga and one orca disappeared. Official reports say they ran away, but environmental experts assume they are dead because of inappropriate weather, habitat and food factors. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would release the mammals to the free sea on March 1, 2019, but until now there has been no certainty about this problem.

Attack on Bacteria and Fungi in Space

According to the information presented by NASA, the International Space Station or ISS is currently threatened by bacterial and fungal attacks. The statement was supported by the results of a recent study that revealed that the ISS was filled with bacteria and fungi. This adds to an earlier warning that said there was an attack that lived inside an orbiting space base. Based on the results of research that has been done, bacteria in the space station will not only threaten the health of the astronauts on duty, but also dangerous for the ISS structure, so that the stability of space facilities will be disrupted.

According to NASA reports, several types of bacteria and insects that are inside the ISS are the same as those on Earth that can cause corrosion in metals. Indirectly, this means that the organism can attack the space station and cause damage. According to Dr. Camilla Urbaniak, one of the authors in a report on microbes and fungi at the outer base said that “A number of microorganisms that we identified on the ISS are known to be microorganisms that cause corrosion on Earth.” “However, to find out how much impact the organism has on corrosion over the ISS remains to be studied.”

“In addition to exploring the possible effects of microorganisms and fungi on the health of astronauts, understanding the potential impact that can be caused on spacecraft will be important to maintain the stability of station structures during long-term space missions, when routine maintenance efforts are not easy to do,” he explained. While reported by, most of the insects and bacteria found on the ISS are almost entirely related to humans, including bacteria found in fitness centers, offices, and hospitals on Earth.

While Dr. Kasthuri Venkateswaran from NASA’s Jet Driving Laboratory said, the specific microbes that exist in space on Earth have shown to have an impact on human health. “Understanding the impact of these microbes is even more important for astronauts during space flight, because their immunity changes and they do not have sophisticated medical access like those on Earth,” he said. “And given the possibility of a long-term space travel mission in the future, it is important to identify the types of microorganisms that can accumulate in unique and closed environments such as on space trips.”

“How long can they survive and how it will affect human health and spacecraft infrastructure,” he added. While according to Dr. Checinska Sielaff, it is currently unknown how dangerous bacteria and insects are for astronauts living on the ISS, how far bacteria can evolve in outer space conditions, and the possibility of the emergence of mutant insects in space that could wreak havoc. “Whether these opportunistic bacteria can cause disease in astronauts on the ISS is still unknown,” he said. According to him, it is also influenced by a number of factors, including the health conditions of astronauts and how organisms can function in the space environment. “Apart from that, the detection of the possibility that an organism can cause disease in space, shows the importance of further research,” he said.

Coming Soon, The Deepest Swimming Pool in the World

The deepest swimming pool in the world will open in Poland this year. No kidding, the depth reaches 148 feet or equivalent to 45 meters. For the construction of this swimming pool the material used is around 1,100 tons of steel to strengthen the pool structure. While the volume of water needed to fill this pond reaches 8,000 cubic meters, or equivalent to 27 times more than the volume of water in a pond that has a depth of 25 meters. This pool is named Deepspot and is claimed to be an ideal training ground for professional divers. Currently Deepspot is being built in the city of Mszczonow, which is about 48 kilometers from Warsaw.

For visitors who are not proficient at swimming and diving, don’t worry, because Deepspot is still interesting to visit. The Deepspot designer also built a transparent underwater tunnel, so that visitors can see the activity inside the pool. The plan, around the pool will also be built a conference room, fitness center and hotel which of course offers views of the depth of the pool. This facility is also an added value from Deepspot, so that visitors can enjoy facilities besides swimming pools. However, until now it cannot be ascertained what date is the opening of Deepspot. And when the pool is officially opened, this pool will beat the title of the world’s deepest swimming pool currently held by the Y-40 Deep Joy in Motehrotto Terme, Italy.

The swimming pool is the main attraction of the Millepini Hotel which is located close to Venice. This pool has a depth that reaches 40 meters. But the predicate as the deepest pool in the world will also not last long held by Deepspot. Because in 2020, the plan will also open a swimming pool called Blue Abyss located in Colchester, England. This pool will be the deepest swimming pool in the world because it has a depth of 50 meters. In addition, the pool is not only used as a training center for professional divers, but also a commercial astronaut training center.

There is Methane on Planet Mars, Really?

Two missions that observed Mars detected methane around Gale Grater for a distance of one day. Methane is a promising clue in the search for life related to biological activity on Earth. The NASA Curiosity spacecraft first measured the strong signal of this molecule on June 15, 2013, although a number of experts questioned the reliability of this discovery. Now, the process of re-analyzing data collected by the ESA Mars Express found that this plane detected a methane explosion from the ice cracks near Gale Crater, one day after Curiosity.

This re-analysis called The Guardian confirmed the presence of methane on the planet nicknamed the red planet. Lead author Mario Giuranna of the Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology called their data a definite detection of 15 parts per billion volumes of methane in the atmosphere, one day after Curiosity reported a burst of 6 ppb. Parts per billion generally called Giuranna is a relatively small amount, but for the large planet Mars. Methane can be produced either through biological or geological processes, so that its presence cannot be a sure sign of life.

Nonetheless, these findings indicate that scientists are on the right track regarding locations that must be explored further. Predictions estimate that methane originates from the inside of the Gale Crater gap, but this new analysis changes that prediction. Now, scientists suspect that this methane is released from under the ice slit layer at Creater. Meanwhile on Earth, gas can be produced by geological processes, but most of it is released by microorganisms known as methanogens. Methane in the atmosphere of Mars has long been considered a smoking gun that might indicate life.

Meanwhile according to computer simulations, up to 4,000 tons of methane might have been released from the eastern region of Gale Crater. Detection of Mars Express itself is similar to 46 tons of methane coming out of gas with an area of ​​49,000 square kilometers. Meanwhile, the European Spacecraft, the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, is thought to better explain the methane mystery of Mars. Meanwhile, analyzing the isotopic sign or carbon strain in methane can help scientists determine whether this gas is a sign of life or not.