Coming Soon, 5G Technology

5G or Fifth Generetion is a network of internet connection development from the previous generation, namely 4G. On this network offers speed and connectivity faster than previous generations, especially on smartphones and other devices. The plan, this technology will be developed on the smartphone operating system and will be released in 2020. However, in fact today several smartphone manufacturers have implemented this technology. The advantage of 5G technology lies in the internet connection speed that can reach 1GBps for the average download speed.

With the speed offered, this allows us to download HD quality movies in just a few seconds. In addition, 5G technologists can also exchange data between smartphones with speeds up to 1 milli second. The development of this technology also makes it possible to connect with other devices more easily, such as household appliances, vehicles or telephones. With the existence of 5G technology also supports other technologies, such as the Internet of Things technology, where the technology can send data faster and support the provision of infrastructure needed to realize a faster, easier and smarter world life to connect with each other.

5G technology is based on the need for network users to be able to have connectivity in communicating, downloading large data such as video and remote control. Another use of the 5G technology is to support several jobs throughout the world, such as manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and other physical industries. With the advantages possessed by 5G technology it is possible to encourage global economic growth because the connectivity speed of 5G technology makes it possible to increase productivity in every internet-related job.

For 5G technology infrastructure different from the previous generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology in the fourth generation or 4G, 5G technology does not need to use high-power cellular towers to transmit signals over longer distances, 5G wireless signals will be transmitted through a large number of stations small cells located in places such as lamp posts or building roofs.

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