Capsule Hotel, Cheap Accommodation For Backpackers

At present, capsule hotels are already known as one of the mainstay types of accommodation for backpacker travelers. Uniquely if viewed from the background of a capsule hotel, it is actually not intended for backpacker tourists. Capsule hotels were first present in Tokyo, Japan in 1972 with the name Nagakin Capsule Tower. The hotel consists of 140 capsule rooms which are divided into 14 floors. This hotel was designed by a legendary Japanese architect, named Kisho Kurokawa, because he saw the opportunities that exist from the work culture in Japan. The Japanese state has been approved as one of the busy countries, where people have dedication and high demands for work, making workers often overtime.

In addition, they are also known to often spend time drinking together at Izakaya, which is a kind of drinking bar with snacks after hours of work. The idea of ​​a capsule hotel originated from the demands of high work and a short time, so that workers had difficulty returning home. Besides that, it is also influenced by the very expensive taxi prices and limited train schedules in Japan. Finally, a capsule hotel was created which was the choice to rest for a few hours and clean up to be ready to work the next day. Initially, the capsule hotel had a fairly large room size, until in 1979 capsule hotels inaugurated in Osaka began to change the size of capsule hotels that exist today.

Increasingly, it turns out that capsule hotels are not only in demand by workers but also backpacker tourists, especially foreign tourists. Therefore, capsule hotel operators in Japan began to attach instructions and regulations in English. From Japan, the capsule hotel concept was also adapted by other countries in Asia to Europe, although in different forms. Like in Kuala Lumpur which has capsule hotels in industrial style, in Kyoto also has a capsule hotel with a monochrome color design, or in Rio de Janeiro which has a capsule hotel with street art style.

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