Candida Auris, Mushrooms that Threaten the World

Today, scientists are worrying about the deadly fungus that threatens the world. The fungus is Candida auris. According to the United States health agency (CDC), Candida auris is a yeast that is usually alive and not harmful to the skin and mucous membranes, but threatens global health. Further explained that, the deadly fungal infection is […]

Sky River Phenomenon, Really?

Generally, we know the river that flows on land. However, near the atmospheric layer, scientists say, there is also a river. As Live Science proclaims, rivers in the atmosphere are responsible for some rainfall in certain regions. In this case, it is mentioned in the western United States. The river is where water meets and […]

Amazingly, Australia Will Mine Water on the Moon

The Australian Space Agency, known as ASA, reveals that within the next 5 years they plan to mine water on the Moon. Australia has indeed been known to have experience in agriculture and mining in remote locations, similar to Mars. Water that will be mined from the Moon will then be processed to become a […]

Opportunities for Humans Live on Planet Mars

Observations made with two spacecraft have confirmed the presence of methane on Mars. This evidence shows the possibility of life on Mars and increases the chance for humans to live there. Researchers believe the ice sheet east of the Gale crater, which is believed to be a dry lake, is a source of methane on […]