Attack on Bacteria and Fungi in Space

According to the information presented by NASA, the International Space Station or ISS is currently threatened by bacterial and fungal attacks. The statement was supported by the results of a recent study that revealed that the ISS was filled with bacteria and fungi. This adds to an earlier warning that said there was an attack […]

Coming Soon, The Deepest Swimming Pool in the World

The deepest swimming pool in the world will open in Poland this year. No kidding, the depth reaches 148 feet or equivalent to 45 meters. For the construction of this swimming pool the material used is around 1,100 tons of steel to strengthen the pool structure. While the volume of water needed to fill this […]

There is Methane on Planet Mars, Really?

Two missions that observed Mars detected methane around Gale Grater for a distance of one day. Methane is a promising clue in the search for life related to biological activity on Earth. The NASA Curiosity spacecraft first measured the strong signal of this molecule on June 15, 2013, although a number of experts questioned the […]