Coming Soon, The Deepest Swimming Pool in the World

The deepest swimming pool in the world will open in Poland this year. No kidding, the depth reaches 148 feet or equivalent to 45 meters. For the construction of this swimming pool the material used is around 1,100 tons of steel to strengthen the pool structure. While the volume of water needed to fill this pond reaches 8,000 cubic meters, or equivalent to 27 times more than the volume of water in a pond that has a depth of 25 meters. This pool is named Deepspot and is claimed to be an ideal training ground for professional divers. Currently Deepspot is being built in the city of Mszczonow, which is about 48 kilometers from Warsaw.

For visitors who are not proficient at swimming and diving, don’t worry, because Deepspot is still interesting to visit. The Deepspot designer also built a transparent underwater tunnel, so that visitors can see the activity inside the pool. The plan, around the pool will also be built a conference room, fitness center and hotel which of course offers views of the depth of the pool. This facility is also an added value from Deepspot, so that visitors can enjoy facilities besides swimming pools. However, until now it cannot be ascertained what date is the opening of Deepspot. And when the pool is officially opened, this pool will beat the title of the world’s deepest swimming pool currently held by the Y-40 Deep Joy in Motehrotto Terme, Italy.

The swimming pool is the main attraction of the Millepini Hotel which is located close to Venice. This pool has a depth that reaches 40 meters. But the predicate as the deepest pool in the world will also not last long held by Deepspot. Because in 2020, the plan will also open a swimming pool called Blue Abyss located in Colchester, England. This pool will be the deepest swimming pool in the world because it has a depth of 50 meters. In addition, the pool is not only used as a training center for professional divers, but also a commercial astronaut training center.

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