Biggest Youtubers Income (Part 1)

Income as a Yotubers cannot be underestimated now. Thanks to one of these social media platforms, one can get tens of millions of US dollars in each year. Today many famous YouTubers are able to make their personal image a multimillion-dollar business. Now the Youtuber have found a new source of income outside of advertising revenue in their videos. Forbes recently released the highest paid list of YouTubers, based on their earnings from June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018. Here are 10 Forbes’s richest Yotuber in the world:

  1. Ryan ToysReview (US $ 22 million)

Ryan ToysReview is the highest earning YouTube channel. The host on the channel was named Ryan, who was only 7 years old. The boy’s parents began documenting his toy reviews in March 2015 and now have gathered more than 18 million customers. While Ryan’s follower base is not as big as some of the other YouTube stars, the growing influence on the toy industry has helped to multiply family income since 2017. Ryan ToysReview is one of several YouTube brands that partnered with and Bonkers Toys to create a new line of toys and licensed books featuring YouTube stars. Ryan has secured an exclusive partnership with Walmart earlier this year.

  1. Jake Paul (21.5 million US dollars)

This Logan Paul sister continues to grow in the YouTube world. He often releases his daily vlogs and rap videos to more than 18 million followers each week. Like Logan, Jake Paul’s fame began with Vine’s non-existent social media, where he has more than 5 million followers and 2 billion views on his content.

  1. Dude Perfect (20 million US dollars)

Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel that focuses on the world of sports, featuring hundreds of shot tricks and extraordinary action. This channel is run by five people, namely the Cory twins and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney, who all study at Texas A & M University. The tricks made by this group often go viral, and they have also appeared on “Good Morning America” ​​and some ESPN shows. As their popularity grew, the Dude Perfect has also produced videos with a number of well-known professional athletes, including Odell Beckham Jr., Drew Brees, Chris Paul, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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