NASA Will Land Humans on the Moon in 2024

NASA official Jim Bridenstine announced astronauts will return to the moon in 2024. NASA’s announcement is four years faster than originally planned. In an interview on April 1 at an astrophysics program, Bridenstine said the plan being developed would accelerate the human landing schedule from the previous plan in 2028, as quoted from Sputnik, April 4, 2019. “What we are doing now is trying to assess very quickly what is needed to achieve the final condition of the boots in the month of 2024,” he said.

“The plan is there. Many architectural pieces are already there.” The announcement came shortly after Deputy President Mike Pence announced the new goal of human landing at the south pole in 2024 in his speech March 26 in Huntsville. Pence said that NASA already had such a plan. Bridenstine said that the plan mentioned by Pence refers to the initial human goals in the month of 2028, but now they are working faster on new plans for landing 2024.

According to Bridenstine, NASA will work with the White House, especially with the Office of Management and Budget, to develop a consolidated position from the administration on the approach to plans and costs before sending them to Congress. Bridenstine also noted that they are open to almost all means to achieve the landing objectives of 2024.

“I don’t take anything, and we don’t sacrifice safety. Whatever we don’t need to do we can delay. There are future launches, there are future things we can test, but now, how can we set foot in the month of 2024 ?, “he said. “There is a solution here that has the potential for success in the future. It will take time, it will cost money, and there are possible risks, but guess what? If we will land on the moon in 2024, we have the time and ability to accept some risks and make some modifications, “he said.

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