Visit the Qatar Desert’s Special Museum

The Qatar National Museum is one of the places that must be visited in the country. Officially opened last week, this place is said to be amazing. Not only from the side of the building, but also what’s inside. Some people say this museum is amazing, both from the outside and inside. The National Museum […]

5 Most Expensive Foodstuffs in the World

Nowadays, food is not only a necessity but also a lifestyle and not infrequently the role of food shows social class for certain groups. Here are some of the most expensive food ingredients in the world according to several sources: Fugu Fugu or pufferfish is a very popular food ingredient in Japan. Special expertise is […]

Explore a Thousand Year Country in Germany

Life as a Vikings is not for weak people. They must gather food for the family using arrows and bows. Also make your own clothes to be able to withstand long and heavy winters. Or make a boat to trade, with the help of simple equipment. The Haithabu Viking village is considered to be one […]

Search for the Top Building in Western Europe

Bestseller, a fashion company, intends to build a skyscraper as its headquarters in Brande, a small city in Denmark with a population of 7,000. Until the plan to build this 320-meter-high tower, most Danes did not know the location of Brande city. The Bestseller Tower, which is headed by architect Dorte Mandrup, is not only […]

The Magnificent Building in the World Coated Gold (PART 2)

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a large and very ancient temple located in Thiruvananthapuram, India. Although ancient, this temple is known to be very grand with a blend of Dravidian and Keralite architecture. There is no exact history of when this temple was built, but because of the magnificence of this temple it […]

Life is Easier with the Internet of Things

Internet of Things or commonly called IoT, where you might have heard this term in the past few months. To find out what the Internet of Things is, maybe you can imagine a world where all objects can exchange information and communicate with each other more easily. These objects can communicate and interact with users […]

Magnificent Buildings in the World Coated in Gold (PART 1)

The Great Palace The Great Palace is located in Bangkok, Thailand which was built in 1782. Formerly, this palace is a royal family residence for 150 years and is now one of the tourist attractions. This golden building is located inside the palace walls, such as Phra Mondop where the walls are associated with gold […]

Climate Change in the World

Climate change caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases has several consequences that cannot be determined. The possibility that can occur is changes in rainfall, climate and temperature that are regional and global. These changes can cause changes in soil moisture, increased mean sea water and the possibility of extreme heat, drought and even global […]

The Most Beautiful Railway Station in the World

Every country has its own uniqueness, both from its buildings, means of transportation or nature tourism which is not often an icon of that country. It is not uncommon for a building to be built only to see functions but also to pay attention to the elements of beauty or aesthetics, such as the station’s […]

Coming Soon, 5G Technology

5G or Fifth Generetion is a network of internet connection development from the previous generation, namely 4G. On this network offers speed and connectivity faster than previous generations, especially on smartphones and other devices. The plan, this technology will be developed on the smartphone operating system and will be released in 2020. However, in fact […]