Visit the Qatar Desert’s Special Museum

The Qatar National Museum is one of the places that must be visited in the country. Officially opened last week, this place is said to be amazing. Not only from the side of the building, but also what’s inside. Some people say this museum is amazing, both from the outside and inside. The National Museum of Qatar contains everything about the country, specifically the stories that took place from prehistoric times, to ongoing political events, such as the blockade of the Arabian Gulf countries.

Many people seem to be interested in the architecture of this museum building. Designed by architect from France, Jean Nouvel, this museum building is made of 539 patterned discs that look amazing touching and angles. There are artifacts and sculptures, as well as a kind of tent created as used by nomadic people in Qatar. According to Nouvel, the design was inspired by desert roses, a mineral formation found in the Middle Eastern country. At first glance it looks like the intersection of a random bar, so the geometry is very unexpected.

Nouvel made a building which he described as geometry. Inside and outside, this building looks very rhythmic and enters space into the space inside as if a stream is formed. The architectural design for the Qatar National Museum began in 2003. According to Nouvel, to realize the work, arup engineering firms and computers that have components to support it are needed. “A few years before, we were not likely to design it,” Nouvel said.  The head of the Qatar National Museum, Sheikha Al Mayassa Hamad said the building was designed for the 21st century. Previously, there were obstacles due to the lack of flat surfaces inside the building.

However, the Qatar National Museum can still be established well. Sheikha al-Mayassa also said that this place would be the pride of all citizens. “All your projects are locally focused. “This national museum must be about our national identity,” Sheikha al-Mayassa explained. One interesting display at the Qatar National Museum is a gallery that displays the country’s oil and gas supplies. According to Sheikha al-Mayassa, people need to know and should not ignore the role of natural resources which are considered to have a major contribution to the development of Qatar. “If it wasn’t for oil resources, we wouldn’t be like today,” Sheikha al-Mayassa said.

5 Most Expensive Foodstuffs in the World

Nowadays, food is not only a necessity but also a lifestyle and not infrequently the role of food shows social class for certain groups. Here are some of the most expensive food ingredients in the world according to several sources:

  1. Fugu

Fugu or pufferfish is a very popular food ingredient in Japan. Special expertise is needed to be able to process this food, because if something goes wrong in processing it can cause poisoning and even cause death. This is what causes fugu fish to be one of the most expensive food ingredients in the world. For the price, 1 kg of fugu fish is around Rp. 3 million.

  1. Safron

Saffron is a type of spice that has a fairly expensive price, which is around Rp. 25 million to 1 pound. This is because the process is quite long and it takes precision to be able to process saffron by separating the fibers by hand, until the saffron is ready for sale.

  1. Matsutake

Matsutake is a type of mushroom that is classified as rare and has a good taste. These mushrooms are usually used as gifts or offerings. Matsutakedijual mushrooms at a price of Rp. 25 million per kilo.

  1. Beluga Caviar

Beluga caviar is a Sturgeon fish egg that is only found in certain waters. Sturgeon fish is one of the protected fish species because it is almost extinct, so the catcher is restricted. For the price of fish eggs, it is sold around Rp. 60 million per kg. These fish eggs have varied colors, such as purple, white and black. The more pale the color of the egg, the more expensive the price.

  1. Foie gras or duck liver

Foie gras menu or duck liver is one of the special menus in several well-known restaurants or hotels of international standard. Foie gras is sold at Rp. 2 million per kg. Apparently, not all duck hearts can be used as food, because only duck liver has a certain weight that can be used as a food menu material, so this makes the price of liver Foie gras quite expensive. To get a duck’s heart that meets the standards, it takes a quite difficult effort, namely by forcing food into the duck’s throat by force.

Explore a Thousand Year Country in Germany

Life as a Vikings is not for weak people. They must gather food for the family using arrows and bows. Also make your own clothes to be able to withstand long and heavy winters. Or make a boat to trade, with the help of simple equipment. The Haithabu Viking village is considered to be one of the most important residential and trading places in medieval times in northern Europe. The village museum staff showed visitors how the Vikings lived more than 1,000 years ago.

“Once life is in the midst of nature with nature. They have a great ability to pay attention to nature, also know the raw materials around them, and are able to use them according to their will to make houses, ships, trains and rigging. They are able to make many things, which we cannot imagine at all now, “said Kai Zausch, a Viking-style guide on Haithabu

A thousand year old site is well maintained

Haithabu is located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany, near the border with Denmark. Here seven wooden houses with thatched roofs from extinct settlements were rebuilt according to the original. The settlement is located on a narrow land, near the North Sea and a waterway to the Baltic Sea. This is a strategic place to trade with precious metals, weapons and animal skin. This also became a great discovery for archaeologists:

Claus von Carnap-Bornheim, Director of the Haithabu Museum explained:

“Behind me is Haithabu, a Viking residential area in the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries. If you look at it at first glance, it’s not clear, because what appears to be only grasslands. But for archaeologists it’s clear, treasure is underground. here, there is not even one square centimeter that is not filled with archeological wealth, we call it: Haithabu is contaminated archeologically

Many of the original discovery sites can be found by visitors to the Viking museum not far from the historic settlement. The museum is one of the most successful in Schleswig-Holstein. In 2017 alone, more than 130,000 people are looking for traces of the Vikings. A number of facets can be seen for example very advanced bronze and silver crafts. Or their pleasure in using jewelry with beads. Many aspects often surprise visitors:

Visitors also commented in awe. a male visitor said: “Different from the classic description of people about Viking as soldiers, after I pay close attention, it turns out they are also traders, international Europeans, even bilingual.” While female visitors said: “I think, the art of craftsmanship is also very good. So they are more than just warring nations. What is clear can be called a cultural nation.”

Search for the Top Building in Western Europe

Bestseller, a fashion company, intends to build a skyscraper as its headquarters in Brande, a small city in Denmark with a population of 7,000. Until the plan to build this 320-meter-high tower, most Danes did not know the location of Brande city. The Bestseller Tower, which is headed by architect Dorte Mandrup, is not only the tallest building in Denmark but throughout Western Europe. “This building will be a landmark that puts Brande city on the world map,” said Anders Kogh Vogdrup, head of Bestseller development. Founded in Brande in 1975, Bestseller quickly became a giant company in the fashion world. The owner, Anders Holch Povlsen, is the richest person in Denmark today.

“For more than 30 years, we are very happy to have a home in Brande and we feel we are part of a local community,” Vogdrup said, as the development plan was revealed. “The idea is to give something back to this city,” he added. Brande is in the very flat Jutland region. So that this tower can later be seen from a distance of 60 kilometers. “It’s hard to find anyone here (Brande) who refuses to build a tower. All consider this a fantastic idea, so do I,” said Morte Dickmann, a local daily journalist. “The Danish media tried to find people who were opposed but they did not find anyone,” Dickmann added. Resistance actually came from the capital city of Copenhagen. The Rokokoposten news site likens the building to the Sauron Tower in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Meanwhile, Trine Krammer, an architect who lives in the city of Aarhus but has a lover who grew up at Brande, complained that the local paper did not contain his objections. “Brande residents are very afraid to criticize the Bestseller. They are like religion or something,” Trine said. He believes the existence of the building will damage the vast atmosphere and unspoiled areas in Jutland. However, local residents including Aners Udengaard, a leftist politician and long criticized Bestseller, agreed to the plan. “There is no rejection. Most people pay attention to the big project built in this small city, is it a bit crazy, isn’t it?” Udengaard said.

The Magnificent Building in the World Coated Gold (PART 2)

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a large and very ancient temple located in Thiruvananthapuram, India. Although ancient, this temple is known to be very grand with a blend of Dravidian and Keralite architecture. There is no exact history of when this temple was built, but because of the magnificence of this temple it is one of the most popular temples in India. One of the biggest features possessed by this temple is an 80 foot (24.4 meter) wooden pole which is almost entirely covered with gold paper. In addition, the temple is also equipped with a charming seven-floor canopy that also has seven golden domes. This number of seven points to seven philosophical worlds in the teachings of Hinduism.

Gold Roof

The next gold-plated building is a golden roof or balcony located in Innsbruck, Austria. This building was specially built by Emperor Maximilian with the aim of watching over the city and its inhabitants. The existence of this building caused the city of Innsbruck to be famous because this building has the color of 2,657 gold-plated copper tiles.


Matrimandir is a unique building in the form of a large golden ball in Auroville, India. This building describes the “soul of the city” and is a center of meditation and yoga in India. The name Matrimandir is taken from ancient Sanskrit which is interpreted as the “Temple of the Mother”. This Ball-shaped building is lined with stainless steel discs covered with gold leaves. According to information, there are more than 1,400 discs of various sizes, ranging in diameter from five feet (1.5 meters) to 7.5 feet (2.3 meters).

Gold Pavilion

A paviliu or villa known as Ashikaga Yoshimitsu or Kinkakuji is located in Kyoto, Japan. Initially, this villa was built and intended for a retired soldier and shogu in the 14th century. However, in the end this building was converted into a temple called Zen temple that has calm and respect. This villa is built in a luxurious style that is equipped with a layer of gold on the top two floors of this building. However, in 1950 there was a monk who burned the upper floors of this building until finally this gold-plated top floor was rebuilt in 1955.

Life is Easier with the Internet of Things

Internet of Things or commonly called IoT, where you might have heard this term in the past few months. To find out what the Internet of Things is, maybe you can imagine a world where all objects can exchange information and communicate with each other more easily. These objects can communicate and interact with users using the Internet, this is what is called the Internet of Things. By 2020, it is estimated that more than 50 billion devices will be interconnected with the existence of this Internet of Things. This will indirectly affect and change our lifestyle.

For example, there is a smart home or smart home, where the house is filled with devices that can be accessed easily using the internet. You can imagine if you have a smart fridge, where this refrigerator has the ability to tell you in real time what food is in it and what food you have to order to fill the thinning stock. The potential of the existence of the Internet of Things can be used for all people, not only for households, but also for the needs of industry and large businesses or globally.

However, for now, generally the use of IoT is still limited, that is, most users are implemented on gadget devices. However, for further development, IoT can be utilized in various fields of life, such as industry, security, health, agriculture, transportation or other infrastructure. To understand how the IoT works, here are four things to remember:

  1. Internet of Things and Objects

Internet of Things (IoT) is very dependent on connected objects, where objects that are connected must have the ability to retrieve data and be able to send it, through the Internet or other technologies. The data that has been taken will then be analyzed and displayed on a special dashboard. The connected object will interact with its environment through several sensors, namely speed, temperature, vibration and humidity. What is meant by objects in the Internet of Things can be parking lots, industrial machinery or vehicles.

  1. Internet of Things and Networks

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of a different or heterogeneous set of networks that allows communication between objects. One of the most well-known networks is the cellular network of telecommunications operators where the object is equipped with an M2M SIM card to track and transmit data.

  1. Internet of Things and data

Data is like a small Nugget in the Internet of Things (IoT). The most important thing in IoT is the ability to capture raw data, such as humidity, temperature and vibration, which will then be converted into intelligent and exploitable information. Of the billions of objects that are connected this will make the volume of exponential data that will be stored, analyzed, secured, and returned for various purposes. Therefore the challenge in IoT is the size of the data.

  1. Internet of Things and new services

The added value brought by the Internet of Things, namely the existence of the latest services, such as in the industrial sector, allows to monitor machines remotely, perform equipment maintenance predictively, or increase product traceability. In addition, connected objects will generate billions of information that allows to develop business by creating new services.

Magnificent Buildings in the World Coated in Gold (PART 1)

The Great Palace

The Great Palace is located in Bangkok, Thailand which was built in 1782. Formerly, this palace is a royal family residence for 150 years and is now one of the tourist attractions. This golden building is located inside the palace walls, such as Phra Mondop where the walls are associated with gold medals.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda or Golden Pagoda is located in Yangon, Myanmar. This is a Buddhist temple that has been built for more than 2,000 years and is believed to contain sacred relics such as Buddha hair. This building was built on the surface of gold and 4,500 diamonds.

Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock is located in Jerusalem and is built in the end of the seventh century by the Umayyad Caliph Caliph Ibn Marwan. Gold in 1959 and 1961, and a 90-year year with gold of 176.4 pounds (80 kilograms), contributions from Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Compañía de Jesús in Quito

Compañía de Jesús in Quito, Ecuador is a historic and ornamental church located in Ecuador. The construction of the church took up to 160 years which began in 1605. The building was built with almost 2 gold with red walls and features beautiful Moorn.

Catherine Palace

The Catherine Palace is located in Tsarskoye Selo, Russia. This palace was built in the 18th century with a Rococo style design (ornament and theater). This palace has a luxurious interior with chairs, statues and doors made of 220 pounds (100 kilograms) of gold.

Parliament Building

Parliament building located in Budapest, this building is considered to be one of the most magnificent buildings in the world, built with 88 pounds (40 kilograms) of 22 and 23 carat gold. It takes up to 17 years to complete buildings that have Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

Climate Change in the World

Climate change caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases has several consequences that cannot be determined. The possibility that can occur is changes in rainfall, climate and temperature that are regional and global. These changes can cause changes in soil moisture, increased mean sea water and the possibility of extreme heat, drought and even global flooding. The existence of climate change that is highly felt by humans is characterized by a temperature increase that has never been felt before or the average rate of warming higher than in previous years.

The existence of climate change will cause different responses for each human, will humans be able to change or survive. This indirectly emphasizes the importance of the role of humans in adapting and also carrying out mitigation measures towards climate change. Current conditions or climate change have reached a point where stabilization or emission reduction measures cannot prevent climate change that has occurred. This is because to change or restore the climate it takes quite a long time with active efforts to deal with this significant problem. This climate change will have a global impact and the lives of all creatures, including populations in developing countries.

Climate change also affects changes in temperature and seasons in the world. Some seasons have decreased, such as spring and winter. However, on the contrary in some parts of the hemisphere will experience an increase in temperature or extreme heat. Changes not only have an impact on seasonal changes but also rainfall. Some regions in the world are expected to experience increased rainfall, such as in regions with higher latitudes. Climate change also has an impact on mountain glaciers, where the extent of mountain glaciers will decline even can disappear in the next 50 to 10 years. This will result in a lack of water supply for millions of people who depend on it. This event will be one of the most serious cases in the Asian continent, especially the Hindu Kush-Himalaya region, where glaciers will melt faster and more alarmingly because it can threaten the water supply from major rivers such as the Ganges and Yangtze.

The Most Beautiful Railway Station in the World

Every country has its own uniqueness, both from its buildings, means of transportation or nature tourism which is not often an icon of that country. It is not uncommon for a building to be built only to see functions but also to pay attention to the elements of beauty or aesthetics, such as the station’s existence. If the station is usually just a train stop, in these countries the station is actually built very beautifully, so that it becomes one of the interesting tourist attractions. Then, where can we find a modern but also the most beautiful train station building in the world? Here are some of the most beautiful train stations in the world that you can visit on weekends as one of the holiday agenda.

  1. St. Pancras International

St. Pancras International is a train station located in London, Ingrris. This station was built for approximately 20 years and was completed in 1868. This station was built in Victorian and Gothic style with a structure decorated with red brick, so that the station looks beautiful and unique. Not only is the design beautiful, but here you can also sit in the longest champagne bar in Europe.

  1. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is located in New York and is the largest train station in the world, because it has the most beautiful design and Tifanny clock that adorns the inside of the station. The station was built by Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1871 with some uniqueness, such as the blue ceiling of the building and decorated with six gold leaf zodiac symbols and gold ticketed ticket counters. Here, you can also stop at the popular Oyster Bar, in the whispering gallery or secret bar.

  1. Antwerp Centraal Station

Antwerp Centraal Station is in Antwerp, Belgium. This station was built by designer Louis Delacenserie between the years 1895-1905 using 20 types of marble rocks that make this station look beautiful. In fact, the dome above the station was able to withstand World War II V-2 bomb attacks.

  1. Estacao de São Bento

Estação de São Bento was in Porto, Portugal which first operated in 1896. The station was designed by architect Marques da Silva in collaboration with artist Jorge Colaco. The beauty of this station lies in 20 thousand designs of azulejo tile murals that were built for 14 years.

  1. Atocha Estacion de Madrid

Estación de Madrid Atocha is located in Madrid, Spain and is famous for its green and lush gardens. This station became the first and largest train station in Madrid which was built in 1851. However, in 1992 there was a fire which caused a new station beside the old station building, but the original Atocha station structure was still alive, with shops, cafes and night clubs.

Coming Soon, 5G Technology

5G or Fifth Generetion is a network of internet connection development from the previous generation, namely 4G. On this network offers speed and connectivity faster than previous generations, especially on smartphones and other devices. The plan, this technology will be developed on the smartphone operating system and will be released in 2020. However, in fact today several smartphone manufacturers have implemented this technology. The advantage of 5G technology lies in the internet connection speed that can reach 1GBps for the average download speed.

With the speed offered, this allows us to download HD quality movies in just a few seconds. In addition, 5G technologists can also exchange data between smartphones with speeds up to 1 milli second. The development of this technology also makes it possible to connect with other devices more easily, such as household appliances, vehicles or telephones. With the existence of 5G technology also supports other technologies, such as the Internet of Things technology, where the technology can send data faster and support the provision of infrastructure needed to realize a faster, easier and smarter world life to connect with each other.

5G technology is based on the need for network users to be able to have connectivity in communicating, downloading large data such as video and remote control. Another use of the 5G technology is to support several jobs throughout the world, such as manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and other physical industries. With the advantages possessed by 5G technology it is possible to encourage global economic growth because the connectivity speed of 5G technology makes it possible to increase productivity in every internet-related job.

For 5G technology infrastructure different from the previous generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology in the fourth generation or 4G, 5G technology does not need to use high-power cellular towers to transmit signals over longer distances, 5G wireless signals will be transmitted through a large number of stations small cells located in places such as lamp posts or building roofs.