Roof window cleaning: how to do it?

Roof window washing

Roof windows are a common attribute of modern country houses. At the same time, they are often located in such a way that there is no easy access to them from the living quarters: for example, above stairwells, a second light (a space without ceilings on one or more floors), a pool.

How to clean roof windows?

Obviously, it is best to provide a solution to this problem even at the stage of building construction. The easiest option is to install windows with self-cleaning glass (all leading roof window manufacturers offer them). A transparent photocatalytic coating is applied to the surface of such glass, which decomposes organic dirt, and then, during rain, its particles are washed off from it.

Moreover, the glass prevents the adhesion of inorganic dirt (dust, etc.) to the glass, and therefore it is also washed away by rainwater.

Self-cleaning glasses remain clean and transparent much longer than conventional ones.

Meanwhile, they also need to be washed periodically. In addition, it may be necessary to clean the outer waterproofing window frame or remove snow from it in winter. For these purposes, it is recommended to provide a system for moving along the roof, with which you can reach hard-to-reach windows.

Such a system consists of walkways (usually in the form of lattice platforms) mounted on brackets hermetically connected to the roof.

To climb onto the cornice overhang of the roof, in order to get to the bridges, you can either use a special ladder fixed on the facade, or a ladder, or bridges coming from another dormer window, which allows you to freely get onto the roof. On a roof with a small slope (up to 45 ‘), if necessary, you can move without bridges.

It will also be possible to get to a high-placed window from the side of the room, if you use a telescopic ladder (its standard height is up to 6 m).

Finally, you can call a window cleaning company that has in its arsenal brushes and water supply hoses mounted on telescopic rods (up to 9 m high). Moreover, the cost of window cleaning service by professional cleaners, along with the speed and quality of work, will not only pleasantly surprise you, but will also give you the opportunity to go about your business.

However, washing the window from the side of the room suggests that the window needs to be opened somehow (to clean it from the outside, where the biggest pollution is), and also that dirty water will drain to the floor, so a plastic film is spread on it, from which the trapped water on her.

However, it is impossible to exclude the ingress of water on the decoration and furniture, and therefore this method is relevant only when others are impossible.

Why wash windows at all?

About 90% of the light enters the room through clean glass, in the case of a dirty window, this figure can fall by half. Then you will have to use more artificial lighting. Particularly impressive electricity bills can come to office owners, where hundreds of square meters have to be additionally illuminated.

The second important aspect is the life span of the windows themselves. The more carefully they are maintained, the longer they will last. Of course, the weather affects the frames and double-glazed windows. Rain, snow and dirt not only make windows untidy, but also damage the materials from which they are made. And bird droppings and mold can corrode frames, ebbs and window sills.

What is the cost of roof window cleaning?

There are factors that make up the price of the window cleaning service:

  • Structural feature of the building and window openings. The cost of window cleaning also depends on the complexity of the facades of houses. Many architectural details complicate the equipment of the safety system, and also increase the labor intensity. Also, for this reason, the use of special lifting equipment is likely, which also affects the final price for the window cleaning service. Follow the link you can find the best price for window cleaning in Winnetka IL.
  • The presence of persistent contaminants. If there are complex, persistent pollution, this will also increase the cost of washing windows, because this requires special tools, and cleaning the surface from stains is a more time-consuming process than just washing glass.
  • The need for special equipment. With complex design solutions for houses, there are times when even professionals find it difficult to get to some places. In this case, you will need special equipment, which is included in the price of window cleaning at a particular facility.
  • Volumes. The larger the scope of work, the lower the price per square meter. For regular customers, as well as in the case of ordering large volumes, window cleaning companies provide discounts or bonuses.

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