The Biggest Trends in Lawyers We’ve Seen This Year

Legal talent market. There are several trends in the legal talent market. These include billable hour models, legal process outsourcing, and Micro-niches. These trends are transforming the way lawyers work. It would be best if you are preparing for these changes and look for real experts with regard to the law like Hassett & George, P.C., whether a new lawyer or an experienced attorney.

Legal Talent Market

A recent report by the Thomson Reuters Institute reveals the biggest trends affecting the lawyer talent market this year. As the market tightens, the need for new talent is increasing. In addition to increased salaries, firms report a reduction in geographic restrictions, which allows large firms to recruit from a wider talent pool. This, in turn, could create new competition for smaller firms to recruit top talent.

Law firms have cemented their efforts to recruit and retain lawyers. As a result, they’ve increased associate pay and instituted MBA training programs in some firms. They’ve also slashed the time between gaining entry-level associate pay and equity partnership. This trend is expected to continue into 2022.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing legal services can save a law firm a tremendous amount of time and money. Outsourcing allows a law firm to scale its capacity without increasing its overhead. Outsourcing also helps a firm focus on more important work and generate greater profits.

Law firms use legal process outsourcing to decrease overhead costs by transferring discrete services to external companies, paralegals, or freelance lawyers. This helps firms scale their workload and compete with larger firms. It also allows them to focus on bringing in new business and providing superior service to clients.


Lawyers must find ways to make their practice stand out by developing micro-niches. Whether running a PPC campaign, using social media marketing, or creating unique blog entries, there are endless opportunities to capitalize on these niches. The first step is to identify the niche you want to focus on and test your ideas with various marketing methods.

While lawyers can practice in any practice area, they may find that their expertise is more relevant to a particular issue or type of client. For instance, lawyers who are deeply knowledgeable in technology are in high demand in law firms today. These attorneys can help clients create secure e-documents and ensure that electronic media is stored securely. They can also understand the implications of cyber harassment and information sharing online.

Billable Hour Model

The billable hour model is one of the most common ways for lawyers to bill their clients. It is an ethical and cost-effective way for attorneys to get paid for their time on client’s cases. However, clients are often surprised when they get a bill from their lawyers, which is not good. A client can switch to a cheaper law firm if she’s unhappy with the bill.

Another change in the lawyering industry is using new technology to accelerate research and monetize it. Legal research is a major source of non-billable overhead for lawyers, and new tools can help lawyers do this work faster and more efficiently. Ultimately, this can help lawyers provide better advice to clients.

Migration to the Cloud

According to a survey conducted by Fish & Richardson and the ILTA, 78% of law firms are now using cloud services, and another 8% are planning to use cloud solutions. Additionally, 69% of respondents said they would increase cloud solutions adoption in the next 12 months. This represents a six-point jump from the previous year.

Cloud computing services can offer many benefits. For example, they can be cheaper, have less downtime, and offer faster new feature releases. Moreover, managed cloud providers can create migration plans considering the costs and benefits of migrating resources to the cloud.

#MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has made headlines in many legal circles. The social media campaign has brought down powerful men. The #MeToo movement has also influenced how attorneys approach sexual harassment cases. In Chicago, for example, a man accused of sex trafficking asked a federal judge to delay his trial because he couldn’t get a fair jury while #MeToo was making headlines. Similarly, a defense lawyer in Georgia argued that the prosecution tried the case against a pediatrician because of pressure from #MeToo. The child’s physician was found not guilty of two counts of sexual battery, but the defense lawyer said there was a tension between ‘believe the victim’ and the criminal system.

The #MeToo movement began in 2006 but gained prominence in 2017 after allegations of Harvey Weinstein came to light. The movement aims to change attitudes and behaviors that encourage sexual harassment in the workplace. The movement has sparked lawsuits and changed state laws.

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