The Evolution of Slots Over History

What is it about slot machines that keep people coming back? When you think about casino gaming, it’s understandable to think about poker, blackjack and more as the poster child of casino gaming. However, it’s undoubtedly the slot machine that reigns as the king of casino gaming.

Without a doubt, the slots are what keep people coming — especially those who are into a bit of casual gaming. That said, whether you’re into casual or more professional casino gaming, entertaining platforms such as NetBet have everything you could want.

It’s understandable to be curious about where the slot machine got its start. Here’s a sneak peek into the evolution of slot machines over history.

The humble beginnings

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The humble beginnings of slot machines go all the way back to the 19th century, but there’s a bit of wiggle room when it came to the date it was precisely invented. The inventor of the very first slot machine was Charles Augustus Fey. While there might have been other details, it’s unfortunately lost to history. It was built in the first place to create a machine that offered automatic pay-outs to users.

The interesting thing is that by 1902, slot machines were officially banned, but that didn’t stop slot machines from continuing to make waves. For example, instead of the symbols of playing cards, it used fruits, which is why many modern slots have fruits as a part of the line-up. Instead of pay-outs, it gave sweets and various other items as prizes to get past the ban.

A quick look into the mechanical nature of slot machines

One of the reasons why people became so enamoured with slot machines is their mechanical nature. You pull down the lever, and it shows you whether you won or lost. That kind of control had the subconscious effect of making people feel like they could somehow control the slot machine’s decision. The result is a game that continues to remain popular up to the modern-day. Speaking of the modern-day…

From mechanical to electromechanical

The Money Honey started in 1964 and is credited as the very first electromechanical slot machine. However, while most of its inner workings did not have the same setup as traditional slot machines, it still required you to pull the lever. After all, in many ways, the ability to pull the lever was what made slot machines so much fun.

The video slot machine moving onwards

Once the video slot machines went into production in the 70s, it heralded a new era for the old but gold casino gaming machine. Eventually, it grew to the point where bonus winnings were added to video slot machines, and the design has persisted largely to the present day. That said, digital slot machines are now a part of most online casino apps, allowing people to pull the metaphorical lever from the comfort of their homes.

Slot machines will undoubtedly continue to be a fantastic casino gaming staple for just about everyone. Whether online or in a physical establishment, it persists as the most popular casino game of all time.


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