Top 5 Ways to Announce Your Engagement to Your Loved Ones

Deciding to get married is an exciting experience that you would want to share with your loved ones immediately. But be assured to take time to celebrate with your partner first before spreading the exciting news. When it is time to make your engagement announcements, you will want to make them personal to those close to you. Therefore, you will not just rush to social media and post the good news. Ensure you first contact your family, close relatives, and friends in the most convenient way suitable for your relationship. The following tips can help you.

Go In Person to Your Parents

When you have agreed to move to the next phase of your life, your parents are significant people in moving forward with the plans and should be the first people to share the good news with. Agree with your partner and organize how to make in-person visits to both sets of parents to inform them of the news. However, it is customary that the bride’s side hears the news first before the groom’s side. Some cultures require the groom to consult the bride’s father and ask them her hand in marriage even before posing the big question.

Plan a Get-Together

After both parents have the news about your engagement, you can now plan to tell the rest of the family members from both sides. You can plan to get in touch with as many members from both families as possible through an intimate get-together such as a dinner arrangement or plan a light luncheon. Revealing your surprise in such a way will also save you all the trouble of contacting every family member individually. You can extend such invitations to siblings, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunties, or anyone else you are close to and you consider family.


You might still not get to everyone important to you in person or through the get-together. Therefore, you will still have to pick up the phone and call other people close to you but ensure you let them know you would have wished to inform them in person, and maybe circumstances would not allow it. While a phone call may not feel personal, please ensure that those you call can understand and only do so when paying an in-person visit is not an option.

Use Mail

Mailing is another way to announce your engagement and make your loved ones feel loved, especially those distant ones. Being a digital era, mailing formal letters adds a personal touch to the message you are relaying. Ensure you sign the letters yourself, include other handwritten information, and handwrite the entire announcement if possible. However, your handwriting should be neat. If you have additional details about your wedding arrangements, you can also include them in the announcement.

Use Technology

Technology cannot be eliminated from spreading the good news about your engagement. When you have reached your loved ones, you can now share the good news with the world through technology.  You can post it on social media, organize your wedding-related posts, or send an email. You can also video chat with your workmates and other friends or video chat live, where you can address a whole crowd at once.

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