What Are the Legal Services of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer’s main role is to investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident and formulate a strategy to seek compensation from those responsible. This involves extensive research and analysis of relevant legal precedents and applicable laws. The result is a legally sound basis for pursuing a claim against the responsible parties.

Contingency Fee Agreement

A contingency fee agreement for a personal injury lawyer is advantageous for several reasons:

  1. It allows plaintiffs to retain legal representation without worrying about the upfront legal fees.
  2. The fee structure for the lawyer only applies if the claim is successful.
  3. This encourages the lawyer to pursue the highest compensation possible, as the fees paid to the lawyer depending on the total compensation amount.

The cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer is often prohibitive for most people. For example, a typical accident victim faces thousands of dollars in medical bills and cannot work due to injuries. Many of these expenses can be difficult to pay, so most personal injury lawyers offer contingency fees to make the process easier for their clients. You may check out to learn more about the contingency fee agreement.

Getting An Objective Opinion

When hiring a personal injury attorney, it is important to get an objective opinion. Although you may know that another party was to blame for your accident, having a legal professional evaluate your case may still be beneficial. A lawyer can help you identify all defendants and parties who may share liability.

Documenting Accident Scene

Taking pictures and videos of the scene of an accident can help bolster your injury claim. It is also helpful if you have a witness to the incident and can get their statement. This will be important when negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. Also, ensure you get as many details as possible and take photos from different angles and distances.

Ideally, you should take as many photographs and videos as possible. This way, you will have a permanent record of the event. Photos and videos will show all the details of the incident, including the location and the factors present at the time of the accident. The photos and videos should be taken immediately after the accident.


If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, an Advocate attorney can help you recover. An Advocate can advise you on the best course of action and aggressively negotiate to receive the maximum compensation possible. Your lawyer will also be your advocate during the negotiations with insurance companies.

A personal injury lawyer can help you determine what your case is worth based on the facts of the case. For example, you might receive a higher settlement offer if you suffered a catastrophic injury or are in chronic pain because of the accident.

The Time Limit For Filing A Claim

When you file a personal injury claim, you will need to understand the time limit for your claim. This time limit varies from state to state. However, the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim is typically three years. The court will usually deny your compensation claim if you miss the deadline. A lawyer can help you determine the period available for your claim.

There are also exceptions to the time limit. In some states, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is one year. Sometimes, the time increases to two years if the person responsible for the accident has already left the state. However, this exception can be difficult to prove, and some states do not recognize it. Suppose you have a case involving an injury caused by another person or entity. In that case, it is vital to consult with a lawyer to learn the time limit for filing a personal injury claim.

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