3 Things All New Dog Owners Should Do

A dog can be a great addition to the family, providing companionship and encouraging you to exercise and get out and about more often. But in order to be a responsible dog owner and ensure happy years together, there are a few things you should do before and once your dog arrives to ensure harmony.

  1. Get the equipment ready

Dogs of all ages need a fair bit of equipment and you may want to get it set up in advance so you are ready for their arrival.

Some equipment you’re likely to need includes:

  • A crate
  • Toys
  • Food and water bowls
  • A few kinds of food for them to try
  • A leash or harness for walks

You should try and get well-prepared for your dog’s arrival so you aren’t caught off-guard and have everything ready.

  1. Enrol them in training sessions

From toilet training to learning to sit and stay, it’s important to get your dog well-trained as soon as possible. It’s worth booking some sessions of dog training in Sydney to get help from professionals and advice on the best way to get your dog to follow commands.

Dog training can help keep your dog safe and under control in public, so all responsible dog owners should consider these sessions. They can also be a good way for your dog to socialise with other canines and get used to being around them.

  1. Take your dog for a check-up at the vet

Whether you’ve chosen to adopt a rescue dog or buy a puppy, it’s important that you get your dog registered with a vet as soon as possible, in case there are any problems. You should also consider taking them in for a check-up. This will usually be a simple process as the vet will look them over and check for any common health issues that can happen with the breed.

Vets can also offer you tailored advice on dog care and feeding, which is great for first time dog owners.

When you’re dealing with the excitement of a new dog coming into the house, it’s important to take some time and get prepared for their arrival. From getting the right equipment for them, to preparing how to introduce the dog to the kids and any animals in the house, a little bit of pre-planning will ensure you have happy memories of the dog arriving at the house.

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