Do You Know the Different Types of Tow Service Trucks?

Many people believe that a towing company only offers one type of service truck for towing vehicles. The truth is there are different types of tow trucks to choose from. However, not all towing companies have all the choices. If you own different types of vehicles, it would be helpful to look for a well-established and dependable Boca Raton towing company that offers a wide range of tow service trucks.

Types of tow truck services

It’s great to know that there are several types of tow truck services, since not all vehicle owners drive sedans and lightweight cars. Some have vans, sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and off-road vehicles that are bigger and heavier than ordinary cars. Therefore, they need a different type of tow truck to handle the car safely.

Here are the options available:

·Wheel lift tow service trucks. This type of truck is suitable for vehicles that weight below 10,000 pounds. It has various benefits, including lower costs and high efficiency. However, a wheel lift tow service truck is most useful for small and light vehicles.

·Flatbed tow trucks. This type of truck is the safest and most convenient option for towing services. It can safely lift and strap a car. With a flatbed tow truck, a towing company can offer short distance and long-distance towing services. The truck is suitable for towing utility cars, sports cars, utility trucks, and others.

·Hook and chain tow trucks. The type of vehicle used for this is a sling truck. The main purpose of this type of truck is to tow various types of cargo. The chains around the frames and axles are wrapped to help in the towing process. This type of tow truck service is losing favor with car owners. They complain that their cars are scratched and bumped when the towing process is not done properly. However, this is still the most useful towing truck service when the vehicle is wrecked due to an accident.

·Motorcycle towing service. For some people, motorcycles are the best mode of transport, which they use as their primary means of transportation. Some enjoy the freedom of riding a motorcycle on weekends. Since a bike can go to places that are not accessible by four-wheeled vehicles, sometimes, the breakdown occurs in unlikely places. A professional towing company provides safe motorcycle towing services that will not cause additional damage to the vehicle.

·Heavy-duty tow trucks. All types of vehicles, large and small, can break down. For customers with large vehicles, look for a towing company that provides towing services for heavy vehicles such as tankers and lorries. Towing companies offering heavy-duty tow truck service have an edge because they can provide a reliable and safe solution to large vehicle owners.

It is better to choose a towing company that offers different types of towing services since it gives you more options. You never know when you might need a different kind of assistance.


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