Exciting Ways to Get Rid of Plastic Bottle Junk

Plastic bottles are one of the uncontrolled waste items that continue to pile up over the years. There are approximately 20,000 plastic bottles produced by humans every second. This figure is not surprising since the plastic bottle is the easiest way to contain water, soda, juice, and other kinds of beverages. The troubling part is that 80 percent of this junk never gets recycled. Since it will take 700 years to dissolve plastic items, including bottles, it is better to think of ways to maximize them for other uses. These waste items are worth saving to avoid their production costs being wasted.

Reuse and recycle

The most efficient way to lessen the volume of plastic bottles in the dumpsite remains the reuse and recycle method. But despite the wide dissemination of how effective these processes can be in helping to resolve the problem with junk, only a few people respond to this call.

The solution devised to address this concern is to institutionalize the reuse and recycle practice. After junk removal company Evergreen has collected the plastic bottles from different sources, they go to recycling facilities to prepare them for reuse. The treated products are then sent to factories to create new bottles out of 100 percent recycled plastic. This process consumes 75% less energy than the usual amount used in making virgin plastic bottles. These mechanisms, along with others, give bottle users enough reason not to throw them away right after use.

Decorative and functional stuff

Be flexible! Plastic bottles can become a favorite component in making decorative stuff. And since bottles in any size can effectively contain anything, they are also ideal to create functional items. These materials can be seen as embellishments at homes, offices, and artistic structures. They come in the forms of flower vases, pen holders, magazine racks, and wall décor, to name a few. Seeing plastic bottles in their new form gives a feeling of relief for saving them instead of simply throwing them away.

Gardening items

Plastic bottles can also be perfect gardening material. This upcycling method can create plenty of gardening items with the use of two essential things – plastic bottles and creativity. The common garden tools created out of these junk items are pots and sprinklers. Those with limited space can use the bottle in creating a hanging garden. There are other fantastic ways to upcycle plastic bottles in the garden. These items include pest traps, bird feeders, string light covers, a slow waterer, or garden edger. The use of plastic bottles in the garden truly brings life to these disposables.

Collect and sell

The most practical and also an interesting way to get rid of plastic bottles is to collect and sell them to junk shops. Since the junk goes back to the market for selling, there is always somebody willing to buy it. One thing to remember is to keep the bottles in shape to preserve their quality and lessen the job of the recycling personnel.

For people with creative minds, plastic bottles appear to be a challenge – how to make things possible for the preservation of nature.


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