Portraits existed before digital pictures. After the advent of digital pictures, portraits still tend to be very relevant to this day. People enjoy painting due to the joy gotten from finished portraits. Painting is quite a satisfying hobby. The process is mostly preferred to that of digital pictures which is more automatic. Digital portraits do exist but they do not give the same feeling as regular portraits as they are also automatic. A portrait requires talent and is able to conserve the skills of the artist. Portraits are capable of showcase the skill set of an artist for decades even after the death of the artist. The brush is an artist’s identification; they are able to express themselves through the strokes of a brush. Examples of prominent artist’s whose paintings are still respected post mortem include Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, Michelangelo, Edward Munch, Salvador Dalí, Henri Matisse, Frida Kahlo etc.

Painting by numbers (PBN)

This painting is done by using a kit composed of canvas or board with outline of a picture with numbers and a corresponding set of numbered paints. Painting aficionados do not have to be talents to be able to paint beautiful portraits.

Painting your pet with the painting by numbers method can be real satisfying. You get to paint an amazing resemblance of your cute friend for the first time. You could opt for color pop or order for other fresh color experiences. You could decide to opt for a more complex use of colors that would be an exhilarating experience and yield amazing results.

To get a PBN kit, you have to capture the picture of your pet in good lighting and natural position. Then you will send this to the site you wish to order from. A canvas with a numbered outline of the picture is sent back with a matching numbered set of paints and brushes to paint your pet. This method of painting is really relaxing as you can be sure to get good results at the end of the day without being in any way talented. It is very captivating to watch your pet gradually come to life with each stroke of the brush. Getting to paint a portrait yourself is really satisfying in comparison to ordering a custom portrait. More satisfaction is gotten from gradually painting it yourself than giving some artist to draw for you. Some prefer to employ the services of an artist for their pet portraits because the artist would deliver a more precise portrait which would distinctly bring out the likeness of the pet.


Pets are companions that deserve to be memorialized whether they are furry, scaly, hairy, shelly or smooth. They are amazing companions that efficiently help to cope with loneliness. They can be fun and entertaining, hence alleviating boredom. Dogs, cats and monkeys are examples of entertaining pets. They are sure to intrigue you with their peculiar actions.

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