Tackle Your Low Morale By Taking Part In Virtual Team-Building Singapore Activities!

Due to this lockdown in countries, still many offices are starting t open, but the drawback here is to hold back the college reunion if you still have work from home. Working from home has been there for a year now, and it’s a crisis we all have to face. This can be a little demotivating, and lack of socializing would kill us, but that’s why removing a solution to it is key. Engaging in fun Virtual team building Singapore activities can come to the rescue!

Fun activities and games

There are several games to have fun activities one can indulge in to get some time out of work. These are:

  • Virtual escape room: this is where participants work together to find solutions to the puzzle and successfully escape the room. They will be given hints as well. A virtual escape room is one of the best Virtual Team Building Singapore and can accommodate a group of 2 pax or even large groups of people
  • Virtual art jamming: this soothing, calming, and fulfilling activity is suitable for all. You can practice this by being at your home and unleashing your hidden artistic talent. All materials are provided, and then start painting. This is a real stress reliever and helps to bond with the group as well.
  • Kahoot: this game has multiple choice questions on it. It is fun answering them and testing your colleague’s knowledge. A person who selects the answer first wins with the majority of points.

Teams working remotely do not get to see each other doesn’t mean that they will stay disconnected. On the contrary, bonding is crucial to have a cohesive team! Virtual team building helps in being efficient, increases productivity, gets valued and connected, and makes them highly consistent and dedicated to fulfilling specific tasks.

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