As soon as I typed in “Things I would never wear”, I quickly squeezed in probably. Because after all, who hasn’t got those moments when you actually feel you kind of do like something that you’ve sworn off in the first place. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that these are just not my cup of tea:

Black mixed with bold colours

Whenever I mix black with colours, I often use muted shades. I don’t really like black with bold colours such as bright red or candy pink. It just feels to harsh.

A watch

For some reason, I have never really been into wearing a watch. I can find it absolutely beautiful on someone else’s wrist, but whenever I try one on, I just don’t feel like myself anymore. I find it’s much the same with sunglasses as well. I have a few pairs I adore (we’re talking RayBans and my old but faithful Serengeti sunglasses), and the ret look awful!

Black sneakers

In my opinion, sneakers just need to look fresh. Therefore, I like them to be white or at least a light colour. Black makes them look a bit clunky.

Capri trousers

You know, the ones that come down to exactly the middle of your calves and usually have a tight fit. For me, that is the most unflattering length possible. Not a fan!

Bold (graphic) prints

Although I am a huge fan of stripes, I don’t like all kinds of stripes intertwined with one another. Bold prints tend to hurt my eyes, and that’s not exactly what I’m looking for in clothing.

Nude coloured (faux) leather trousers

Hello, naked trousers! I prefer leather trousers to have a dark shade, such a black, so I won’t feel like I’m actually nude.

What’s your absolute style no-go? Let me know!

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