Residential Cleaning Services: The Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re a residential cleaning company, you need to observe several rules to be ahead of the competition. This post has an in-depth explanation of the do’s and don’ts of residential cleaning. So, continue reading up to the end and get the right tips for your business.

The Do’s

Expand Your Territory

As you are offering a residential cleaning service, you might restrict your services to certain areas. However, as time goes by, look for the best ways to earn more customers from your neighborhood and get better profits.

For example, you can start with one customer from a different area then earn referrals because of your exemplary services.

Market Your Business

Your main plan of starting a residential cleaning company is to make profits while offering the best services. To achieve this, ensure you market yourself to get more customers.

Tell your friends and close acquittance of your business, and let them help you spread the word. You can also work with marketing companies to help your business grow.

But don’t forget to make good use of social media as potential customers are found here.

Have Standby Workers

There are times when your regular staff may be unable to work as usual. To avoid frustrations and losing good clients, have additional workers you can work with on a part-time basis.

Such staff can also save your back when all your workers are engaged elsewhere, but you’ve got an emergency cleaning service to complete.


Another better way to earn clients for your residential cleaning company is by networking. For example, go to events and interact with various potential clients and tell them about the packages of your residential cleaning company.

Keep Looking for New Recruits

The fact that your residential company is operational should not limit you from receiving new applicants from cleaners. If you can, encourage potential employees to send their CVs.

Having a continuous stream of applications can also save you when you want to expand your business, as you’ll not have to go through the entire hiring process.

Instead, you’ll look at the applicants you’ve got and post the deserving candidates.


Don’t Do Residential and Commercial Cleaning

It’s best to specialize in one area and give it your best. Remember, the services offered in a commercial setup differ from those needed in a residential home.

This requires your team to have the expertise to handle both workstations, making you incur additional costs like training them.

Don’t Charge the Same Rates

Every residential home has different cleaning requirements, which is why you shouldn’t have the same rates. When you charge different client amounts, you’ll avoid incurring losses.

Don’t Offer Discounts

Even though giving discounts can earn you some clients, it only attracts customers who are willing to pay less but get good services. So, to avoid losing your profits after delivering more don’t give discounts.

Don’t Customize Your Services

To make all your clients feel valued and treated equally, don’t customize your residential cleaning service. Instead, focus on giving quality services that will make your management have fewer complaints from customers.

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