How to do a move out cleaning: important tips

One of the most important details when moving out of an apartment is cleaning down to the smallest detail. You can hire a professional cleaning company, or you can do the cleaning yourself. But be that as it may, you still have to get out. After all, this is one of the most important conditions if you want to return your cash deposit for the landlord’s apartment. The list of apartment cleaning jobs may seem very long, but still you will come to the finish line.

In order to start move out cleaning, you need to purchase the necessary detergents in advance and free the selected day from other worries so that you can devote enough time and not rush anywhere.

What do you need for move out cleaning?

First, you will need cleaning detergents. Buy bathroom cleaners, toilet sanitizers, sinks, stove and oven grease removers, glass and mirror cleaners, furniture polish, stain removers, and if you don’t want to spend more money, you can take one all-purpose cleaner for milestone types of floor coverings. You will also need rubber gloves for cleaning to protect your hands from chemicals; respirator, rags, sponges, brushes.

You can’t do without a bucket, mops with nozzles for walls and floors, garbage bags. Before you start cleaning, you need to empty the apartment of your belongings. But just don’t do the cleaning and moving in one day, as this can be very overworking. And besides, cleaning will take a lot of time.

Turn off all power consumption devices, gas supply. Discuss with the landlord any appliances that need to be cleaned. If you are not confident in your abilities, then invite relatives or friends to help, or, as we mentioned earlier, order move out cleaning service from a professional company.

How to clean up when move out

Move out cleaning starts from the most remote room. Take care of windows, mirrors, and electric lights first, as in daylight you can avoid streaks.

In the bedroom, remove dust and traces of dirt, if there is a carpet, then you need to vacuum it and remove the stains. Wipe cabinets and cabinets with a universal remedy.

One of the most polluted places in the house is the kitchen. And that’s why it takes the most time. Start with the stove and microwave, apply a grease remover on them, and while it takes effect, you can work on the refrigerator. Wash all containers and shelves with soap or dishwashing liquid and wipe dry. To remove loose grains and dust inside kitchen cabinets, you can use a vacuum cleaner, then wipe with soapy water. Go back to the stove and microwave and clean them. Clean the sink with a cleaning disinfectant. Check switches and sockets. Wash the floor and baseboards.

In the corridor and living room you need to do furniture cleaning and after polish it. Vacuum carpets and rugs. Wipe down all doors and hardware. In the bathroom, treat the tub, sink, and toilet with a disinfectant. Remove all dirt and wash the floor.

Check one last time that the apartment is completely cleaned. Sign the inspection report with the landlord and return the apartment keys to the landlord.

But you can invite a cleaning company and not waste your time and energy, experts will do everything for you. When ordering professional move out cleaning service, you should not worry that the workers will ruin the surfaces. This is completely out of the question. In the process of performing work, cleaners use only environmentally friendly household chemicals for human health, animals and the environment. This allows you to significantly save cleaning time and get the highest quality result in the shortest possible time. Turning to professionals, you save your time and get a perfectly clean apartment.

What does the move out cleaning service include?

Move out cleaning of house or apartment includes a list of the following works:

  • cleaning of sanitary facilities. The company’s specialists will clean and disinfect all plumbing equipment – a bathtub, a sink, a toilet bowl, etc. – using professional products. If necessary, the tiles will be cleaned (floor and walls);
  • cleaning of living rooms. The scope of work to be undertaken is quite extensive. Workers will clean the flooring, taking into account its characteristics and degree of contamination. Thus, carpets and rugs will be thoroughly cleaned using professional vacuum cleaners and, if necessary, treated with stain removers. Windows will be washed.
  • kitchen cleaning. As a rule, the kitchen is the most polluted room in the apartment. And putting this room in order will require enormous physical costs. Professional cleaners will carry out all the work quickly and efficiently thanks to the use of professional household chemicals. The company’s employees will tidy up all surfaces of the stove, including the oven, refrigerator and microwave oven, as well as the kitchen unit and heating radiators. The floor, walls, window unit and, if necessary, the ceiling covering will be cleaned;
  • balcony cleaning. As part of the service, walls, floors, glazing (if any) will be cleaned;
  • hallway cleaning. Workers will clean the flooring, wash the doors and built-in wardrobes.

The cost of move out cleaning is variable and when ordering the service is calculated on an individual basis. The total area of the house, the degree of pollution, the complexity of the upcoming work and the list of selected items are taken into account.

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