Engaging a divorce lawyer in Utah: An overview 

No matter how optimistic you are, deciding on your divorce will always be a hard choice. If circumstances permit and when you can, it is always wise to try and save a marriage. However, if the divorce seems like a good conclusion to an unhappy marriage, you must seek legal assistance. When you meet a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer for the first time, it is wise to ask relevant questions. In this post, we are sharing more on how and when to hire a lawyer. 

Reasons to hire a divorce lawyer

  1. You don’t know your rights 
  2. There is a history of violence
  3. You were abandoned 
  4. You need help with mediation and negotiation
  5. You want assistance with paperwork
  6. You cannot come to an agreement with your spouse
  7. Your spouse is threatening you
  8. You have a minor child

Hiring a divorce lawyer is entirely your personal call. Utah allows for both fault-based and no-fault divorce, and to your best ability, you should try for the latter. It is wise to talk to a divorce attorney, who can guide on the family laws and offer advice, so that your rights and interests are protected. Keep in mind that your lawyer will be on your side at all times, and they are responsible for ensuring that you don’t get a raw deal. 

How to find a good divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City?

There are some really good law firms and attorneys in Salt Lake City, who deal exclusively with family laws and divorce matters. You need a skilled, efficient, and experienced divorce lawyer, who can handle negotiations, mediation, and an eventual court hearing when needed. You can ask around for references, but if you don’t have that choice, check on Google for best-rated lawyers in the city. Make sure to meet an attorney in person, so that you can ask questions related to divorce laws. 

Cost of hiring a lawyer

Again, that depends on many factors, but most lawyers take up divorce cases on an hourly rate. Note that divorce lawyers cannot take up cases on a contingency basis like personal injury lawyers. We will highly recommend that you hire a lawyer based on expertise, and if that means paying more in fees, the money is worth it. 

Finally, do check if the lawyer is available. While your lawyer is not your therapist for emotional support, they are expected to be accessible for advice and counseling. 

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